BOOTCH7 Waterproof rating IPX8 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphone, were created with versatility in mind and designed for sports activities and bone conduction technology

Don't Leave Home Without It

IPX8 Waterproof Rating Headphones

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Immerse in the tranquil turquoise as air bubbles cluster its way to the surface from each exhale. It's so lovely and relaxing, deep down under the water, like being in a different world. The water's crystal clear, and schools of bright-hued fish captures my sight. Feeling like staying here forever, well.. as long as my breathe can last.

So Comfortable To Wear - Feels Like You Are Not Wearing It When You Are.
Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses has stunning features. Open Ear Design Lenses material TAC Frame material Acetate Unisex Ergonomic nose pad design for all-time wearing HD Polarized lens Anti-blue light, anti-glare Built-in TWS, stereo sound Dual


Fashionable Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses

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Standing at the top of the world, confidently, and there is everything right with that. Feeling like I have captured the attention of an audience a million strong. I am okay with that.

Trendy, Fashionable Eyewear - Looks Good, Feels Great.
 Bootch7 Helmet Headsets stunning features open ear design IP68 Water-Resistant Bone Conduction Technology Noise Cancelling Microphone Battery Capacity 400mAh Standby Time 280hr Play Time 8hr Charging Time 1.5hr Light Weight  56g/1.97oz

Fantastic Gadget For A Better Ride

Bluetooth Audio Helmet Headsets

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"Honey, I will be home soon. No, I am not driving and holding my mobile phone at the same time. No worries, I can hear my surroundings."

Designed With Your Safety As The Top Priority - That Gives Your Loved Ones Peace Of Mind.